Well what a week we’ve had a brilliant 20 minutes in the week agains hoffenheim. Showed them what it means to play at Anfield.

Just a pity our defence/Lovren has to press the self destruct button and conceded a easy goal. Unfortunately our defence is going to look shaky this season at the best of times

just hope Firmino Salah and Mane can dig us out of trouble what a strike force they look.

So Champions League football is back and on paper it was an easy draw for us but I wish we could of got Celtic and to play Brendan Rodgers team would have been a exciting game well maybe next time.

But we did get Sevilla and I’m sure we will all be looking to get some revenge from the Europa league final defeat.

We also got Spartak Moscow and a team called Maribor who I’ve never heard of. There name just sounds like dogs sweets.

So on to the Liverpool vs Arsenal game and I’ll be honest with you I really did think it was going to be a closer match and it was going to be witch defence crumbles first but how wrong I was.

We comfortably beat them 4-0 and Arsenal looks like a team of individuals certainly not playing for each other slow on the ball and second to most balls.

Things are not looking good at Arsenal there fans wanting Arsene Wenger to be sacked the longest serving manager has done a lot for Arsenal but his stubbornness to not leave there club is ruining his reputation with there fans.

Soon the transfer window will shut and thank god too it will be nice to just worry about what’s going on the football pitch if we could only get one or two reinforcements in I feel like we could really push on all fronts.

But if we don’t we will be hoping for a injury free season witch is extremely unlikely as we already have players out. International football now so a break from football for me.

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