Where do I start well as you know Philippe Coutinho has made it pretty clear he wants to leave the club by handing in a transfer request.

Sky also reported he has not been getting on with klopp for the last 6 months. I’m all for letting the Little magician leave as I don’t see the point in keeping a unhappy player at the club. And today 3-3 at Watford we saw what will sum up our football season brilliant in attack but shockingly bad in defence.

Jamie Carriger made a good point on sky after the game it doesn’t matter if the put VVD in our defence line the way we are setting up we are leaving defenders exposed at the back.

So it’s our tactics are to blame and the way we set up. Now I’m not going to jump on any Klopp out bandwagon if there is one as I like Klopp and I’m sure him and his team can sort it out.

But I feel klopp has made a mess of thing lately like being too stubborn to sign Quality alternative signings only going for his first choice’s. Clubs have made it pretty clear they don’t want to sell their players to us but we are only hanging around hoping they change their minds.

I don’t believe there are no other good alternatives that can improve our defence. We have a very capable centre back at our club sitting to rot in the name of Mamadou Sakho who has for reason unknown has been frozen out the club by Klopp.

Sakho deserves a second chance because say the transfer window closes and Philippe Coutinho is still at the club it won’t matter he had his little outburst he will still be in the starting lineup.

Klopp shouldn’t be so stubborn on Sakho and transfer alternatives we still have time before the transfer window shuts to sort all our problems out but Liverpool being Liverpool will probably have another poor transfer window and another average season ahead of us.

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