So when we beat Bayern Munich 3-0 and I was so excited for the season ahead.

Mohamed Salah has looked great with his pace in pre season and Dominic Solanke looks like he could be a real talent and we finally have a new left back Andy Robertson.

But in the Space of 4 day’s my confidence for the season is starting to fall apart it starts with Daniel Sturridge scoring a great goal lobbing the goalkeeper and in the process injuring himself kind of sums up Daniel Sturridge’s Liverpool career in one move. Although Daniel has come out and said it’s nothing to worry about it’s hard not to knowing his track record with injuries and him being made out of glass and all that.

Then Neymar goes to PSG for a World record fee £198m witch doesn’t concern me other them money in football is just mad now days and it gives Barcelona a good reason to come back in for Philippe Coutinho.

Adam Lallana is injured for 2 months at lest. So you can forgive the melt down Liverpool fans are having on Twitter. But let’s all try to remain calm Liverpool still have time to put this right the transfer window has not closed.

Graeme Kelly “social media in-the-know” as the papers put it. His come out and said we could still get VVD and Coutinho could still go to Barcelona if we get our own targets.

If this is all true is it really a good idea to go on a podcast and spill the beans that might ruin any VVD deal. It looks like anything you say now on a podcast could be taken seriously and printed in there paper witch I think is lazy journalism nothing new there then.

Some people on Twitter say Graeme Kelly is just attention seeking but he was right on the sacking of Brendan Rodgers. I hope he’s right On the VVD deal but let’s hope we keep Coutinho for one more year and Mount a serious challenge on the Premier League title as it’s been far too long and then if Coutinho still wants to go he can go with my blessing.

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