Let Start with the Premier League Asia Trophy win it’s only a friendly cup so nothing to get too excited about right ? But I still wanted us to win because it’s a Final and it make good practice to when we are in a real cup Final. A winning attitude is what breeds success. Act like a winner and be a winner. So who Knows maybe next time it will be Champions League final the next thing we win “doubter to believer” Klopp once said. So Barcelona got to see why they had a £70 million pound bid rejected with Philippe Coutinho wonderful trademark goal. We all knew Barcelona was going to come in for him one day it’s been no Secret he’s been on there shopping list. Philippe Coutinho Once said
“To have signed a new contract at this club, my goal is to be thought of one day in the same way as these players. They are legends. You define the success of a player by his loyalty or his titles. Or both. In order to be part of this group, I have so much to do. “I want to win titles. Five years is my new contract – it gives me that opportunity.”
Barcelona was interested in him back then but there wasn’t a bid made if Coutinho really wants to be a Liverpool Legend then this is when we will find out if he really meant it. As much as I don’t want the Little magician to leave 1. Because he’s on the back of my new Liverpool top and 2. He would be a big lost in are creativity but I don’t want to keep a player if he wants to leave because Liverpool is bigger then any player. Liverpool must be negotiating with Barcelona over a price because would Barcelona waste there time putting in a bid? Like Liverpool are bidding with Naby Keita. maybe Coutinho will stay and we fail in are quest for Naby Keita time will tell

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