So it’s silly season and if like me you are clicking on news articles linking players to Liverpool and most of the time the article being click bait.

Well and as you know there are two players in particular the media have been talking about Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keita.

It’s clear Liverpool is interested in both players. With Virgil van Dijk some will have you believe it’s awaiting game and it’s down to the player if he wants to move and he should put in a transfer request and a club can’t keep a unhappy player on their books.

Well for all we know Southampton might be telling him give us one more season and let you move next year. After all we did that with Suarez and he went to Barcelona and not Arsenal 😜.

Naby Keita a player until we were linked to him I never heard of I’ve looked on YouTube video’s (yes I said YouTube I know we can’t check someone’s quality on YouTube highlights I know but that’s all I’ve got to go by) and yes after I was excited about the possibilities of signing him. They are two hard signings to make because both of their clubs don’t want to let their players go.

Money talks and every player has their price and that’s possibly true but we are not Man City or Chelsea who have substantial finance backing. Yes there is the premier League TV money but FSG of late play hard ball on their deals and won’t pay over what they see value for money and Jurgen Klopp a man who wants his main transfer targets or will stick with what he’s got 😳 well that’s slightly concerning as we need to expand our squad as we all know.

I hope we get the two player in question but if we can’t I hope they look at other possible signings. Jurgen Klopp will know where he needs to strengthen the team and he doesn’t need my opinion but I’m going to give it anyway. We need a Centre back and left back.

James Milner looked tired at the end of last season and teams attack us down that side. Liverpool are working on signing players behind the scenes we just have to hope they get one or two more over the line….

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